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Silver foil, or varakh, as it is generally known in India, adds glitter to Indian sweets (mithai), supari (betel nut), paan (betel-leaf), and fruits. Also it is used in Ayurvedic medicines and on deities in many Jain temples. The silver-topped sweet is even served as prasad in temples and on auspicious and religious occasions. Varakh is also used in flavored syrups as in kesar (saffron) syrup.

Silver Vark
Decorating and enhancing the flavour of Sweets, Kheer, Halwa, Ice Cream, Custard and more, our vegetarian Silver Vark has created a sensation across the market. Besides keeping the food item free from bacterial infections, the silver leaves are renowned to have a number of health benefits such as stimulating natural immunity, toning up the body, fighting allergies and rapid healing of ailments. For making such an immensely important product at the most affordable price range and in various packages, we are reckoned to be the most dependable and major Edible Vegetarian Silver Leaf Suppliers in India.

Vegetarian Silver Leaves (Foil/Leaf)
NOW, We bringing you First Time in India world class 100 % Vegetarian Silver Leaves ( Chandi ke Varkh ) , hygienically produced in a dust free environment. Manufactured by full automatic & computerised machines with new technology by Silver Star.

Keeps food free of bacteria. Be it Kheer, Sweets, Ice Cream, Halwa, Custard, Sweet Beverages or Pan, Silver Leaves add to appeal and are ideal for Pooja & Prasad. silver leaves are also used in tobacco, jafrani ,quwam, chuttney, supari.

Edible Silver Leaves
Our Edible Silver Leaf are manufactured by extremely thin 100% pure sheets of silver. As the saying goes, "One eats with the eyes first & then with the mouth",they are widely used in Indian cuisines specially sweet delicacies.They are also in important ingredients of various aurvedic & herbal product,summer drinks & Chyawanprash etc.

Forms of Silver Leaves
White silver foil is as thin as the best chiffon and lustrous. It is extremely fragile and often breaks up during use. It has no aroma or taste of its own and is available in the following forms depending upon its uses:

  • Sprinkles: For dusting and decorating food preparations. The silver sprinkles are great for adding sparkle and style to cakes, biscuits, desserts and any sweet treat.
  • Petals: Small flakes used to adorn appetizers, desserts and chocolates, silver petals add value to the style and presentation of dishes on special occasions. The petals are available in different shapes and patterns.
  • Leaflets: The silver leaflets are used for the decoration of dishes. These decorative leaflets are absolutely safe and of food grade.