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Shree Jagannathiji Sterling Products Pvt.Limited is a renowned name in the field of Silver (wark) & Gold Leaves manufacturing. Available under the brand name "SILVER STAR" & SAATVIK.

As you would be aware Silver foil commonly known as ‘ Chandi ka Warakh’ is conventionally made manually by beating of silver in ‘Jhilli’ a special book made up of intestines and fat of our revered cows and buffaloes. This is contrary to Indian Ethos and culture where the same has been given Holy status. Shockingly this warakh is used on sweets being consumed by unaware Vegetarian Hindu’s and Jain. The purity of the conventional warakh is also questionable and can be a possible health hazard if the same is not ensured. What is still sad that this is the same warakh used on the idols of our sacred deity of Lord Hanumana, Devi ji, Shani Dev ji and the Jain idols.

With a view to finding a solution to the shocking prevailing situation we have successfully developed an innovative product under the brand name of “Silver Star”, silver foil which is produced from computerised machines and produced in a hygienic and air-conditioned environment. We take 100% guarantee of the purity of silver used which is 99.99%, no sort of animal product being used and the manufacturing on computerised machines

Apart from Silver warakh (Chandi ka Chura) or Silver Flakes. We also manufacture shredded silver of 0.4 and 0.2 micron which is commonly used in manufacturing of Zafrani Zarda, Qiwam, Pan Chatni, mouth freshners, coating of beetle nuts etc. We have both options for big leaves or small cutting of shredded leaves as desired by the customer. We do understand that this is a expensive raw material which your company is already procuring from other traders. By the virtue of being a manufacturer and not a trader, we possess the ability to give the best rate possible depending on quantity and payment terms. The shredded silver manufactured by us is 100% machine made and would thus have much more volume compared to the conventional hand made shredded silver , which would result in lesser application in turn better costing. Would sincerely request you to at-least sample our product and compare your existing costing.



  • 100% pure vegetarian as its fully machine made unlike foil from conventional sources which are made by unorganized sector by manual beating using animal intestines for pressing
  • 99.99% pure silver-Laboratory certified
  • No. of sheets in a booklet are guaranteed to be 150 unlike the ones sold by unorganized sector where sheets could be anywhere between 100 to 130
  • The size in the conventionally made / sold booklets are not uniform as they are hand made unlike ours which is purely machine based
  • The thickness of Silver Star is under 2 micron which is impossible to achieve by hand , which is ideal for sweets and it covers more no. of sweets in 1 packet of silver star
  • Company has already applied for ISO certification
  • Available in 100mm*100mm ;140mm*140mm and 160mm*160mm sizes besides most commonly used 120mm*120mm- As per your requirement
  • Only fine Fresh paper sheets are used in Silver Star unlike conventional Silver foil manufacturer who use old telephone directory pages or newspaper.